Debut Novel

Mr. Wizard is a quirky, irreverent genetic treasure hunt in which two brothers receive a big surprise via DNA testing , and undertake a journey to discover who they really are—and what that means.

Praise for Mr. Wizard

Jeff Wallach’s novel is about two brothers on a search for their biological father after the unexpected death of their globe-trotting and colorful mother invites such an investigation.  They find answers on an Irish golf course and in a familiar Long Island neighborhood.  The writing is knowing and engaging, wise about its cultural orientations, and driven to discoveries both reassuring and life-enhancing.

— Michael Curtis, Fiction Editor Emeritus, The Atlantic

  “You’ll enjoy the funny, vivid writing and fast-paced plot in Jeff Wallach’s beguiling new novel, Mr. Wizard.”

— Curt Sampson, best-selling author of a shelf of golf-themed books, from The Eternal Summer to Hogan to his latest, Roaring Back, the Fall and Rise of Tiger Woods

“Mr. Wizard, by Jeff Wallach, is an emotional tour-de-force that explores one of life’s biggest questions: what makes us who we are? This hilarious and witty novel has more twists and turns than the back country Irish roads where some of the action takes place. And it promises one of the most incredible surprise endings…ever! Do yourself a favor and buy this book.”

— Robert K. Brigham, Professor of History, Vassar College

  “Jeff Wallach takes us on a genetic treasure hunt in which the characters learn much more about themselves than any DNA test could ever reveal. A hilarious and heartwarming novel about what it means to be brothers.” 


— Dan Pope, author of “Housebreaking” 


 “Jeff Wallach is a prodigiously gifted writer—insightful, funny, and always surprising. Mr. Wizard twists and turns like a double helix. When you finish, you’ll want to go back to the very first page and experience it all over again, just to see how Wallach pulled it off.”

—Terri Cheney, author of New York Times bestseller, Manic: A Memoir   

    With Mr. Wizard, Jeff Wallach joins the likes of Michael Murphy, John Updike, and P.G. Wodehouse in writing wonderfully about golf in his fiction. It's a great read for anyone who loves golf and a good mystery. Family relationships swerve and dip like a double-breaking downhill putt but in the end everything drops into place with that pleasing sound of a golf ball falling into the cup. Not since Golf in the Kingdom has a fiction writer captured the mystical, bonding qualities of our game— and the mysteries of the human heart.  Wallach’s book brings to mind a rollicking round played with quirky, hilarious companions who love the game, and each other.”

— Robert Trent Jones, Jr., author, musician, poet, and renowned architect of more than 275 golf courses in more than 40 countries on six continents

“In the months after the death of the eccentric single mother who raised them, a pair of middle-aged New York-based brothers set out to discover the truth of their paternity.  Cracking apart the fable their mother concocted to hold their curiosity at bay, they find themselves heading for the west coast of Ireland. In Mr. Wizard, Jeff Wallach draws on his decades as a travel journalist to add authenticity to his tale of the brothers’ Celtic quest. Mining gems from the rich comic ore of his own New York boyhood, fashioning a narrative loaded with wisecracks, Wallach has crafted a novel that lets mystery embrace tenderness with its touching climax.”

— Larry Colton has explored American cultural change in a series of best-selling non-fiction books, including Goat Brothers, Counting Coup and Southern League.


Beyond The Fairway

What the River Says

What the River Says


Zen Lessons, Insights, and Inner Attitudes of Golf

Every golf shot is an invitation to self-discovery, transcendence, and adventure. Beyond the Fairway explores the joys and subtle mysteries of golf and provides a whole new perspective on the game as it transports you through some of the world’s most challenging, legendary, and downright strange courses. From a venue hacked into the foothills of the Himalayas with a python loose on the first tee; to the annual Midnight Sun Tournament on the evening of the summer solstice in Fairbanks, Alaska; to the ancient home of golf in Scotland, here’s a rarely glimpsed vision of the game.

“A sophisticated and lovely book about a 

sophisticated and lovely spiritual discipline.”

— M. Scott Peck

What the River Says

What the River Says

What the River Says


Jeff Wallach’s first-person account of working as a professional river guide on Idaho’s River of No Return.

“When ice melts and the river lets go, what does it say to you? If the river is not a place but a  way of happening, how do you ride? Jeff Wallach joins practical accounts and spiritual questions in a journey that takes you along. Like the confluence of two streams, you may find your story in his journey, as he asks you to give in to the river and read.”

— Kim Stafford

Driven to Extremes

Best Places to Golf Northwest

Best Places to Golf Northwest


Uncommon Tales From Golf’s Unmanicured Terrain

In this irreverent, funny, and engaging collection Jeff Wallach casts sidelong glances at the game of golf, with an eye for the unusual and the downright strange.

“Most people don’t think of golf as an extreme sport. But to those who play, the game is a constant reminder of how close to the edge of chaos we dwell. In Driven to Extremes Jeff Wallach brings home this point in a most able manner by risking to explore his relationship to the game through his own varied and unusual expertness.”

— Steve Cohen, founder and former president of the Shivas Irons Society

Best Places to Golf Northwest

Best Places to Golf Northwest

Best Places to Golf Northwest


Covering more than 100 courses in more than 20 regional golf destinations—from Seattle and Salt Lake to Vancouver, Bandon, and beyond. Author Jeff Wallach throws in colorful descriptions and personal anecdotes, and a liberal dose of humor to bring out the personality inherent in every good course.